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Meso, Micro, Baby Botox Treatment

Meso, Micro, Baby Botox Treatment

Meso Botox, also known as Mesobotox or Micro-Botox, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that combines the benefits of traditional Botox injections with mesotherapy. This treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture issues, offering a refreshed and natural-looking result.

Procedure: During a Meso Botox treatment, small amounts of diluted botulinum toxin are injected superficially into the skin. Unlike traditional Botox injections, Meso Botox involves multiple, tiny injections across a larger treatment area, providing a more widespread but subtle effect.


  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improved skin texture and tone.
  • Minimal downtime compared to traditional Botox.

Ideal Candidates: Meso Botox is suitable for individuals looking for a more subtle and natural-looking enhancement. It's particularly effective for addressing early signs of aging and preventing future lines.

Micro Botox Treatment:

Overview: Micro Botox is a specialized Botox treatment that focuses on refining skin texture, reducing pore size, and controlling excess oil production. This procedure is designed to deliver a smoother complexion by targeting the superficial layers of the skin.

Procedure: During a Micro Botox treatment, tiny amounts of Botox are injected into the dermis, targeting sweat and oil glands. This helps control sebum production, resulting in a matte finish and diminished pore size.


  • Smoother skin texture.
  • Reduced pore size and oiliness.
  • A more refined and even complexion.

Ideal Candidates: Micro Botox is suitable for individuals with oily or combination skin who desire a smoother skin texture and reduced pore visibility.

Baby Botox Treatment:

Overview: Baby Botox, also known as mini Botox or micro-dosing, involves using smaller amounts of Botox for a subtle and natural-looking enhancement. This approach allows for more precise control over facial muscles, minimizing the risk of a frozen or unnatural appearance.

Procedure: Baby Botox involves injecting smaller doses of Botox strategically into specific facial muscles. The goal is to achieve a softening effect on wrinkles and lines while preserving natural facial expressions.


  • Subtle reduction of facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Retained natural facial expressions.
  • Ideal for individuals seeking a more conservative approach to Botox.

Ideal Candidates: Baby Botox is suitable for individuals who want to address mild to moderate facial lines while maintaining a natural and expressive look.