Acne Scar Treatment

Facial Scars and Beauty

Flawless skin is a dream of every person; either it is a man or woman. At the onset of puberty, a
lot of people experience acne. For some, it is quite mild but for some, it gets quite worse. In the
latter case, it leaves scars and marks which are less likely to be called attractive. It does not only
take away the smooth skin and its beautiful feeling but also lowers self-esteem that makes you
think less of yourself.

Acne scars that are not treated on time can become permanent which are then hard to remove.
Even after several treatments, you would not be able to achieve the desired skin texture. Defense
Skin Clinic provides acne scar treatment in Lahore which will help you get rid of all the scars
and problems that are becoming a hurdle in your beauty.

Types of acne
There are different types of acne. The struggle usually begins at the age of 14-16 but adult acne
also exists for people age 25-30. Pregnant women usually develop breakouts due to hormonal
imbalance which leaves scars.
● Papules (tender pores with inflammation)
● Pustules (pus-filled pores with redness in the affected area)
● Cysts (Accumulation of bacteria and oils in pores)
● Blackhead (clogged pores due to sebum and dead skin cells’ accumulation)
● Whiteheads (clogged pores cause protrusion)
● Nodules (large swelled pores with irritation and inflammation)

Acne Scar Treatment in Lahore

Professor Dr. Atif Shehzad provides effective and reliable cosmetic treatments for all of you out
there struggling with problems like acne scars etc. At defense skin clinic, four different
procedures are used for treating tough acne scars; these processes are not only safe and
affordable but also provide you with long-lasting results.

● Chemical Peeling for Acne Scars
Chemical peeling is effective acne or pimple treatment which is used for smoother,
lighter, and better skin; it also unclogs pores and allows the skin to breathe better. For a
superficial skin peel, exfoliation is done using Hydroxy acids (beta), Depending on your
scars; the peeling can be medium or even deep peeling which will require bandaging.
However, once your skin has healed, you will be happy to see the results.

● CO2 Laser
For CO2 laser treatment in Lahore, defense skin clinic offers high expertise and effective
results. The best fractional CO2 laser is used for treating acne scars as well as other scars
caused by wounds or surgery. In this process, a fractionated laser penetrates your skin via
narrow shafts with small holes. There would be no effect post-procedure but, as your skin
would start to heel collagen would begin to form causing a tighter and healthier-looking

● Radio-frequency Micro-Needling
Let alone acne and blackhead treatment, this procedure is also used for scars caused by
burning, surgery, sagging, and sun damage. Radio-frequency Micro-needling is done using a
tip containing 25 or 49 needles which prick the skin at various points stimulating the
production of collagen and skin cell growth leading to smoother looking skin. It evens the
skin texture as well as reduces hyperpigmentation.

● PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma)
Acne treatment in Pakistan is mostly done with the PRP process. Blood is taken from the
patient’s body and spun to separate the plasma which is enriched in platelets. It is then
injected back in the patient’s body. This revives the skin as collagen starts producing which
tightens skin, diminishing the scars. As platelets are responsible for healing, the skin’s
healing process fastens which leads to healthier-looking skin.

Why is Dermatologist Consultation Important?

Before getting an aesthetic or cosmetic treatment done, you must visit a dermatologist first.
Professor Dr. Atif Shehzad is one of the best dermatologists for acne. His expertise will
help you choose the most suitable and effective treatment based on your skin type and
Guidance from a dermatologist is essential before any medical treatment as everybody has
different skin types, lifestyles, and ways of treating their skin.
Also, people taking medicines for other health problems can be a problem at times as acne
and post-acne scar removal medicines can react with the patient’s other medicines. Make
sure all your other issues are resolved before getting and cosmetic surgery or treatment to
ensure its success and effectiveness.
Some people have sensitive skin which can lead to other problems if it is treated carelessly
which is why you need a dermatologist to examine your skin and let you know what is best
for your skin.

Why Choose Defense Skin Clinic?

If you are stressing out because of your stubborn acne scars that would not go away even
after trying so many treatments and products, then you need reliable dermatologist like
Professor Dr. Atif Shehzad. At Defense Skin Clinic all treatments for acne and other skin
scarring are provided at affordable prices. Each procedure is safe and guaranteed to be